Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Homeowner dues paid each month are applied towards what expenses?

Homeowner dues are applied to cover expenses for:

  • Street Lights
  • Plowing & Maintenance of roadways (private)
  • Landscaping for common areas, Spring & Fall Clean up if needed
  • Property Management fees
  • Legal fees

Q: What is the approval process to have a deck or shed built for my home?

The Homeowner needs to submit request in writing to Fox Ridge BOD which includes location and size. Please refer to Fox Ridge Declaration 4.5.3

The Homeowner needs to contact Town Code Enforcement Officer to apply for applicable building permit and pay necessary fees. All decks & sheds need to meet “Town Requirements” i.e.: property line compliance.

Q: What do I need to do if I plan on selling or have sold my home?

  • Notify or have your realator notify S.S. Maguire Management LLC
  • Pass information on regarding new owners if known
  • Pass information on to new homeowner or Relator regarding Fox Ridge Homeowners Association (please note you will be responsible for quarterly dues if this information is not exchanged from the seller to the buyer)

Q: Why don’t the School Buses drive through the neighborhood to pick the kids up?

The school district does not allow school buses to operate on “Private Roads”.

Q: Are members paid to serve on the Fox Ridge Board?

No. All Board member positions are strictly voluntary and are elected by the Fox Ridge Homeowner Association.

Q: How many Board of Director positions are there for Fox Ridge and how long are the terms?

  • President- 2 years
  • Secretary- 2 years
  • Treasurer- 2 years
  • Alternate- 2 years
  • Alternate- 1 year